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We build state-of-the-art solar power plants and T&D infrastructure and help you to earn faster returns on your investment.

Rooftop Solar

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How about using your idle building roof to generate electricity for you? We have a solution - we would fit your roof with a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar system, no penetration of your roof required. We have the expertise to provide a complete solution, including supply of all components and expert services for your rooftop solar plant, ready to be switched on. Own your solar power plant on your roof and generate your own electricity, at a much cheaper rate than utility for 20 years or more. Under "Net-metering" policy of utilities, we enable you to sell (export) your excess solar power to utility after your own consumption (import) and get paid from the utility for your sold electricity (net of export and import, adjusted in your monthly bill). By "net-metering" with your utility, you can reduce your monthly electricity bills up to 90-95%, legally and be a proud green energy consumer.

All products and components in the rooftop PV solar plants are sourced from some of the very reputed manufacturers worldwide, to give you the best quality, efficiency and output year after year, and value for your money.

And you save the planet too from burning fossil fuels and harmful gases with clean solar power and help us to bring some more smiles to few underprivileged families. Want to know more? "please feel free to get in touch with us".

Large capacity ground mounted PV solar plants

We provide complete engineering, procurement and construction of utility scale PV solar power plants. Backed up by more than two decades of engineering and project management experience, our team of the finest industry experts provide professional management of your project and faster execution, with a specific objective of enabling you to earn cash flow from your project as quickly as possible, keeping your operational cost at the lowest. And of course, we keep our focus fixed on providing you a solution with best quality components, for a long service life and best in class efficiency, so that you continue to earn from your strategic investment, year after year!

Car parking solutions

Do you have an open car parking area in your housing complex? Is your car exposed to harsh sun, making it hot like a furnace in summer? Continuous sun exposure degrades your car very fast. We have a solution. Cover your open car parking space with our solar car parking solution. Get a shaded car parking with solar modules on top and generate electricity too. Even more, we can equip it with few electric car charging ports too!

Transmission and Distribution (T & D) Infrastructure

We provide complete engineering, procurement and construction of Medium Voltage or High Voltage cable lines and substations to connect your large capacity solar plant to the local utility substation for power evacuation. Rapid implementation to sync with your investment is our focus, to enable you to start earning returns from your investment as early as possible.


We provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for solar power plants and T&D infrastructure for power evacuation under one roof.

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Design & engineering

Supply of components

Installation,testing & commissioning

Annual maintenance of solar plants

Assistance for financing of your project