Founding philosophy

Energy Security and Sustainability

As per definition of IEA, Energy Security is uninterrupted availability of electricity at an affordable price. Diversification of energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, in particular solar power is crucial to achieve long-term security of energy sources. Solar power potential is available in abundance in all major regions worldwide, particularly in developing countries. Solar power is a renewable source of energy that enables sustainable electricity for years together, without depleting natural resources.

Our company synergizes itself with this need to promote generation and consumption of solar energy, to provide sustainable and affordable access to solar power.

Social Empowerment

Around the world in developing countries including India, millions live in poverty. Access to electricity is unaffordable for them. Life comes to almost a standstill with sunset for them, with limited or no activity. Basic access to electricity is an impediment to their social and economic wellbeing.

Our company seeks to provide them access to electricity free of cost, by setting aside a percentage of our total installed watt in our projects. This would enable them to do some extra work after sunset e.g. cottage industry, study of children, mobile charging etc. for their socio-economic wellbeing. We also seek to provide skill development training to youths from underprivileged section in our projects for their sustained livelihood and poverty eradication.

Social Empowerment is one of our key guiding principles.

Climate Change

Greenhouse gases called as GHG (CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Fluorinated Gases) emitted in the air trap the heat and make the planet warmer, leading to irreversible climate change. 87% of GHG emission by human is caused by burning of fossil fuels- coal, diesel, natural gas etc.

As per recent carbon budget of earth estimated by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) at 1000PgC, we have already consumed 50% of the carbon budget since pre-industrialization, and we are on track to consume the remaining budget by as early as 2030. Already signs are much visible across all regions- unusual weather patterns, droughts, heavy rains, poor air quality etc., affecting millions of lives and livelihood worldwide.

Solar power is the most viable alternative to fossil fuels to limit GHG emissions, in dealing with climate change and to avert the consequent socio-economic impacts of climate change all across.

Our company synergizes itself with this need to engage in solar energy generation and utilization.