About Us

Incorporated in Mumbai, India, We at MISUN Energy are committed towards reducing emissions, protecting the earth and social empowerment through all our activities, towards a safer and sustainable tomorrow.

We partner with our esteemed clients to completely design, supply and install solar power plants on their rooftops or vacant lands. These solar plants can be from few kilowatts to several megawatts, to help them save on their ever increasing electricity cost from utility. We help our clients to "Lock-In" the rising future cost of electricity, enable them to be green energy consumers, make their electricity cost affordable and predictable for years to come.

We also provide transmission infrastructure solutions to evacuate the clean power produced in the large megawatt capacity solar plants at remote corners, to the nearest grid station of local utility. This enables our clients to “sell” their electricity from these plants to the local utility.

Every installation by our clients help us to light up few homes of underprivileged families, to train few youths and to bring more smiles around.


Our Mission is to preserve the climate, promote green energy and social empowerment to make a cleaner and better world.


Our Vision is to be a market leader in residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar plants solutions, ground mounted solar plant projects, T&D infrastructure for solar power evacuation, lighting up homes of underprivileged families and skill development of youth.