Social empowerment

“Sanjhbati- The Evening Light”

With an objective to spread more smiles around, we set aside a percentage of total installed watt to provide free standardized small solar kits to underprivileged families through our “Sanjhbati” social program. This would typically consist of small solar panels to power two LED bulbs, one fan and a mobile charging port for the family within 100 Watt after sunset. We would provide such kits to small clusters of underprivileged families depending on the location and need.

We also have Micro Solar Dome, a readymade kit for installation on the tin or permeable roof of the cottages, where even daylight is not adequate inside. Non-PV Version helps sufficient illumination in daytime. The PV Version is provided with small solar cells with a battery. Each kit provides sufficient illumination inside for 13-15 hours before and after sunset.

These products are covered under our “Sanjhbati” program.

We believe a little bit of electricity would help make their lives better, enable children to study, charge their mobile phones for business next day, avoid insect bites, help them do some extra work to earn few extra cents etc. after end of each day.

"Prayas- The Endeavor"

With an objective to enable youth (minimum secondary school educated) to become financially self-reliant, we train them in our projects on-the-job through our “Prayas” program. They learn by working with experienced installers and later on either join us or become on their own, enabling them to earn a sustained livelihood.