MISUN Advantage

  • One Stop Window, right from start to finish(turnkey solution), ready to operate

  • Customized Solution, tailored for specific site conditions.

  • High Quality Engineering of your system, to ensure optimum performance of your plant, year after year.

  • Best Quality components from most reputed suppliers, with specific focus on quality.

  • Installation by accredited and certified professional installers.

  • Utmost Safety precautions for installers and purchaser.

  • On-site training to purchaser’s personnel for daily operation tips.

  • Continued after sales support, beyond installation of your plant.

  • Remote web monitoring of your system performance online, from anywhere.

Economic Advantage

  • Short payback period to recover your initial installation cost.

  • Steady source of earning from selling excess electricity to utility for several years.

  • Attractive IRR, continuous positive cash-flow ≥ 20 years.

  • Annual “Net-Zero” or “Near-Zero” energy building [Green Building].

  • Freedom from rising cost of electricity [past trend close to 200% in last 20 years].

  • “Locked-In” cost of electricity for ≥ 20 years, as per duration of “Net-Metering” agreement with electricity distribution utility.

External Financing option available for large capacity projects. Benefits:

  • No initial set-up cost.

  • Attractive long term tariff under Power Purchase Agreement.

  • Significantly lower per unit cost, substantial saving on cost of electricity.

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